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A copywriter and creative thinker with production experience from Apple box to Zoom lens, Eli is a recent graduate of the BYU AdLab and is equipped with the skills to write the script, produce the spot, and bring it to life in front of the camera.

Eli also realizes that all this writing about himself in the third person makes him sound a little like Elmo, but there's nothing shameful about embodying a pillar of education, self-care and kindness. Reach him here.

(Eli that is, not Elmo.)

A creative revolutionary powered by faith, respect and perseverance

Eli enjoys spending his free time in endurance sports like surfing, rock climbing, and freestyle rapping.

Work Clout:

winner copy_edited.jpg

Personal Clout:

  • MPMS 2024

  • 3rd Place Winner of the BYU Social Impact Center's Changemaker Competition

  • Dean's List in College of Fine Arts and Communications

  • Amanda Maloy's husband

  • BYU AdLab graduate


"We hit wall after wall and Eli always found a way to get around it (most of the time it was better than what we had before). He went above and beyond to make our production the best it could be, even suspending himself  20 feet in the air."

-Alex Nibley, Girl Scouts

"As a director, there are always a lot of things I’m thinking about but I know that if Eli’s in charge it’ll get done."

-Morgan Capener, Bass Bro Shops

"I have this image of Eli standing in waders waist deep in a mountain lake at 5 am adjusting a light and he’s got the biggest smile on his face. He is a huge example to me of looking at the glass half full and is constantly looking for the good and cracking a joke to boost morale.

He has it DIALED and takes excess stress off the production by always lending the helping hand and jumping in without needing to be asked."

-Tyler Davies, Tile, Bass Bro Shops

“I spent many days out in the wild with Eli, scouting locations and tracking down potential filming spots. There were even several times when he literally saved my life, pulling me out of a frozen river or four feet of snow. He puts in 100% when things need to get done, even if it’s the most time consuming and frustrating tasks, and I can always count on him.” 

-Remington Butler, Bumble BFF, IMAX, Traeger

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