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IMAX - Maximum Immersion

It's one thing to hear about all the benefits of seeing an IMAX movie. It's another thing to experience them firsthand.

  • 20 person cast

  • 6 locations, all free!

  • 3 filming days

  • Weirdest ask: If we could crash a cheese tasting event to load film equipment

  • Biggest challenge: Scrambling to find a new Western set when the one we planned on received 4 feet of snow 

CTA24_Laurel-Nominee_Black (1).png

Director: Remington Butler

Copywriters: Eli Wright, Remington Butler

DP: Tanner Jackson

Art Directors : Sav Chapple, Charlotte Ward, Annie Kate Cutler,

 Producers: Myself, Lucy Nielson, Alex McBride

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