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The Conservation Station


    charged Motivation 

       fueled Innovation 



Conservation Explanation     

Growing up in the birthplace of Earth Day, my community was environmentally conscious... but the Wright family was even more so.

One drought-stricken season, we adopted the practice of placing a 30 quart bucket under the shower head so that while we were waiting for the water to warm up it would fill the bucket. The person who showered would then carefully carry this brimming bucket out of the bathroom, across the carpet and out the door to our outdoor plants.

Traveling outside of my hometown, I was struck by the apparent lack of concern for conservation in other communities, and watching water wasted willy-nilly weakened me. One scenario that particularly bothered me was in the airport, leading to this passion project.


60 second Adaptation and $500 Compensation

The Ballard Center for Social Impact invited all to answer the question "How would you change the world?" and I tweaked my project into this reel to enter the competition. In the process of sharing it on social media, I caught the attention of the Reagan National Airport and am working with them on how to get this idea off the ground. 


Coming soon to an airport near you.

winner copy.jpg

Copy by Eli Wright

Visuals by Addison Leavitt

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