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IMAX - Maximum Immersion

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The Ask: The D&AD brief specifically asked us to create a new preshow video to showcase IMAX’s ability to "deliver an immersive experience that’s as exciting as the film itself". It also invited us to think about IMAX’s unique value propositions including aspect ratios, brightness, contrasts, color, and sound.


The Idea:

The production value does the storytelling of an average joe moviegoer experiencing all the benefits of IMAX firsthand as he journeys through every cinematic genre. After 2 days of plunging into 5 cinematic genres on set, the line became obvious. What sets IMAX apart? Maximum Immersion. 

Director: Remington Butler

Copywriters: Eli Wright, Remington Butler

DP: Tanner Jackson

Art Directors : Sav Chapple, Charlotte Ward, Annie Kate Cutler,

 Producers: Myself, Lucy Nielson, Alex McBride

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