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DiGiorno - It's Not Designer, It's DiGiorno

Because boujee jewelry brands that sport equally boujee names (think Bulgari, Marco Bicego, or Swarovski) and produce identical-looking advertisements, a brand named DiGiorno can slip right into their market.

While DiGiorno is known for their frozen pizza and not jewelry, modern slang terms describe someone with bling as having “Ice”, “Sauce” and “Drip”...  all words that neatly describe both jewelry and frozen pizza. 

got the drip.png
the ice-1.png

With a brand that previously had little chance of coming up in conversation, you can now answer questions about your new ice with the tagline:


“It’s not Designer, it’s Digiorno”.

This jewelry line addition to the known pizza brand will launch as Summer ends: an era college students are both stocking up on frozen meals and preparing their fits for the ever-important first impressions of the semester. 

Reel for Social:

fully stuffed.png

Art Direction by Macie Thelin

Photography by Cole Bates

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